Friday, January 8, 2016

Da Vinci Curiosita

Are your eyes bigger than your brain?

 You know the saying where your eyes are bigger than your stomach and you end up piling more food onto your plate than you can actually eat??

 Well Scanners are like that too - except about the things they are interested in - rather than food.

 And because they think they are interested in so many things, Scanners sometimes refuse to choose and refuse to actually do anything because it may mean missing out on another area. 

To deal with that, lets deal with this in a way that Leonardo may have dealt with this.  

Da Vinci Curiosita

1 - collect articles and clippings on whatever interests you - save to a 3-ring Binder for hard copies or copy and paste from internet and save online.

2 - carry a notebook and record questions, jokes, snippets of conversations, observations, insights, dreams, musings, anything you hear or see that tickles your fancy. Do not edit. Just allow it all to free flow.

3 - Write down everything you have ever wanted to do, or be and everything you have ever done

4 - Write down things you have done and did not like doing - so you wont waste time doing them again

5 - Write down questions that you want to know the answers to - some day

I have just dragged out one of my early notebooks, that has a long list of things I have ever wanted to do or be when I grew up!! 

This is MY Scanner list.

do a history degree
write biographies or historical fiction
medical laboratory technology
proof reader
fact checker
arts administration
museum curator
records management
Computer education - Web page design - software not hardware
professional genealogist
paleography - scripts and development of languages
learn to read french, spanish, italian, latin, greek, russian
type 50 wpm
piano - keyboards
production assistant for filmmakers
continuity person for film and TV - I have a very good eye for detail
desk top publishing
logistics and supply chain
learn how to live off the grid

This is my list that satisfies Number 3 on the above requirements for Curiosita.

I have many many folders on my hard drive holding articles of interest - which satisfies Number 1

I havent done a list of things I hated doing for Number 4. I dont particularly like writing negative stuff. Not even Angst for fan fiction online. So Number 4 is not yet crossed off my list.

You can read the results of Number 2 and Number 5 on my website. Usually if I read or hear something that tickles my fancy. I have to do the research and write up and post a page immediately, or I will lose interest and nothing will ever happen. I have dozens of half-made pages in my dashboard waiting to be completed. 

It does get a little depressing at times, but if I lose interest I have to wait until the cycle comes around again for my interest to rise so I can finish the page. This is because I am a cyclical scanner. 

I did think long and hard about being a professional genealogist. I would love to do the training and I am fairly good at genealogy  already, since  this is probably the one thing I enjoy doing the most apart from surfing the internet. 

I have an insatiable curiosity about others peoples personal histories. I love watching the TV series Who Do You Think You Are.  I love genealogy because it combines history and research at the same time.

But there is also one thing about genealogy I dont much like doing. And that is searching for other peoples family trees. At the same time I only dont like searching for them because I am not being paid. Maybe it will be different if I am being paid to do that. 


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