Friday, January 1, 2016

What you have done...

Happy New Year to all my readers - if there are any. Anyone out there reading this? I l would love for you to leave me a comment!! Thanks. 

Lets dump the careers idea for now, and get back to Scanner Basics. 

Lets get an idea of what you like doing.

Barbara Sher says to WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING you have ever done - you must include things you started and did not finish.

Incomplete projects lying around the house - I was never an artsy kind of person

Courses you have not completed.

I can do that. Lets see...

The Antiques furniture course
Two different computer programming courses
The science course
The accounting course
The paralegal course
The history course

Gosh I started a LOT of courses and never completed them. 

The only course I started and DID complete was the Business Administration course. I am very proud that I actually completed that - with Distinction too!! (average score -88%). 

But all those other courses tell you the kinds of things I am interested in - EXCEPT for accounting. That was done under protest when I was talked out of doing a history degree. 

I did try and start another history degree some years later, but that was part time while I was holding down a full time job and there was a lot of reading and writing I had to do. 

History is really one of those courses that one must do full time. There is just so much reading and writing.

As for Antiques, I would LOVE to work in a museum, a rare books shop or an auction house like Sothebys. 

Back in the 1990s, there was a short lived British TV series called Under the Hammer, about life in an art auction house in London, England. I loved that series, and I was sad that it was never picked up for more seasons. 

Now - how to parlay this into a career of some kind!!!

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