Sunday, January 3, 2016

Scanner Panic

So now that you know that you are a scanner, which explains your behaviour up until now, you should be happy, right?  Right?

So why are you panicking??

Doing what you love is not an privilege, it's an obligation. (Barbara Sher - Refuse to Choose)

You are free to give yourself permission to STOP trying to find that one passion, that one calling and that one niche that will satisfy you for rest of your life. Because that will NEVER happen.

You now have permission to stop reading all those boring books (Except the ones you are required to read for school) and leave them unfinished on your bookshelf. If you dont pick up and finish that book within say 2  to 5 years, then you can also give yourself permission to get rid of the book. Either throw it out, donate it to Goodwill, or sell it online.

You are under NO obligation to make anyone else happy - be it your parents, your siblings, your family, friends and neighbours.

Let me Repeat that. 

You are under NO obligation to make anyone else happy!!!!!

You can now give yourself permission to only do things that YOU want to do, that make YOU happy!!!.

Others may call you selfish, buit it beats killing yourself over you thinking you have to take on everyone elses problems. I spent many years doing this and I would always wake up feeling so guilty. I hated my life at that point. I was just so miserable. I was in a job that I hated, and flatting with people I hated, but I had no way to leave.

 The one thing that freed me was learning that I have the right to  say this to other people.  "It's not my problem to deal with. That is your problem."

Basically I was finally taught that NO-ONE else has ANY RIGHT to make me feel guilty for THEIR mistakes and THEIR problems.

Scanners need to learn this too.

Do only what makes YOU happy, not what makes anyone else happy.

I wish I had known of this when I left High school. My life now, quite possibly, could be quite different. 

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