Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Are you a Scanner?

Until the mid-1950s, scanners ruled the parlors and dinner parties with their erudite contributions on poetry, music, politics and science. From Aristotle to Asimov, generalists were people you wanted in your circle. 

Barbara Sher says the space race changed all that.

Funding to the liberal arts was cut and specialising (specifically in science and technology) became de rigour, while scanning was seen as irresponsible and somehow flabby.

Noone wants generalists any more.

Sher says scanners have come to doubt themselves terribly. We can’t decide on the one career path, because what if it’s the wrong one. We frantically think we need to focus, become an expert in something, but get bored when we have to do anything twice.

SOURCE - Sarah Wilson

Orginally sourced from Barbara Sher's Book - Refuse to Choose.

I am a Scanner. I can definitely agree to the above statements made by Barbara Sher.

I discovered my scanner personality when I was aged in my 40's. It was near the end of the year 2010 while I was trying to understand why I got bored so easily, why I just couldn't seem to finish anything I started, and why I kept coming back to the same interests and hobbies time after time.

That's when I discovered Barbara's book - Refuse to Choose.  It didnt take me long to read it through. It described me just so PERFECTLY!!!!

Prior to reading Refuse to Choose, I had gone back to school to update my skills, I chose a generalist administration course, because I wanted to learn a little about several different areas.  I could have chosen the computer tech course or the paralegal course. They both interested me. But I did not want to tie myself down to ONE niche for the rest of my life. That would be just so boring!!!

My resume shows this boredom as well. I have done a lot of job hopping, and have seldom held any job for more than 1 year.

After I graduated from the private college, I had a lot of difficulty in obtaining a job. Eventually I stopped looking.

Over the last 5 years, since I graduated - this was the one thing that I DID finish. I was able to graduate - I have learnt that, try as I might, I can never stay in one niche. That is just TOO boring.

I have had to learn to ACCEPT who I am. It has taken me quite a while. But it does explain why I made the decisions I have made in my life, and why I do not have a career.

I am a Scanner. I have a wide range of interests. I do not like being forced into one niche. 

Anyway, I have decided that for now, I want to educate others about the scanner personality.

Ms Sher is getting on in years - she is now in her 70's. In fact she announced last year that would no longer be doing any face to face coaching sessions or lectures after the end of this year. but she would still be around online.

I am not exactly young myself, but I can still do another 25 years at least.

My first step is to develop The Scanner's Survival Kit.

Some Skills and Tips to help Scanners survive in this current recession.

Barbara Sher Official Website

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