Monday, December 28, 2015

Learn other people's jobs.

Know your job inside and out, then learn what those down the hall do. First, you'll know who to go to when you need help. Second, the more skills and institutional knowledge you pick up, the more valuable you are to the company. 

For a scanner, any chance to learn is a great opportunity. So if you feel brave enough, go ahead and try to learn other peoples jobs. 

Just remember you still have to continue doing your own job to the same high standards as well. 

And it might be a good idea to not start doing this until after you have been in the job for at least 12 months and passed at least one employee evaluation. 

Also don't get so good at other peoples jobs that the boss begins to turn to you instead of to them. The other person may come to resent you for it and they could also end up losing their job because of you. 

Remember, if you do end up doing their job, will you still have time to do your own job as well?

I think learning other peoples jobs is a noble idea, but not necessarily a practical one. 

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