Friday, December 18, 2015

Keeping the boredom away

One of my Scanner idols is Leonardo DaVinci. He was a scanner. But I really don't care for his paintings. They look just like all the other paintings of that same era. Well there are 2 paintings I like. But only because some great novels have been written about them.

I like the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper fresco!!  In mainstream life, this attitude of mine - of not caring about Leonardo's paintings - would be SACRILEGE!!!

My interest in Leonardo lies purely in his notebooks and his science. It took me many years to figure out WHY I preferred to read or look at the notebooks rather than to look at his paintings.

I LOVE the way Leonardo wrote everything down, drew diagrams and made notes on the things he PLANNED to make or invent.But of course not all of his ideas made it into reality.

Now you can make your own version of Leonardos Notebooks as well. You can call these Idea Books, or Thinking books or whatever you like.

Make, Find or Obtain something you can use for a record of your ideas and plans. This is the only way a scanner can survive.

Like Leonardo, you too can write down and keep a record of all the ideas that you get. Dont forget to include diagrams, pictures, photos, and please add the days date for each new idea you record.

Barbara Sher calls these books a Scanner's Daybook. You can use a notebook, a WORD document, a blog, a website or anything else that allows you to record your ideas and any images, plan and diagrams you want to save.

Sometimes making notes and plans in a daybook, on any new subject is all you need to do to satisfy that Scanner itch. At other times, the desire to learn more can be expanded from what is recorded on those pages.

I spent 2 years making pages (lenses) on Squidoo from 2011 to 2013. I left Squidoo when the TOS became too restrictive. Squidoo was later sold off to Hub Pages (competitor) in 2014.

But while I was there, I had an incredible amount of FUN making pages on so many different topics!!! By the time I left Squidoo, I had made over 250 pages (or lenses) and 2 of my lenses had won the top award - Lens of the Day!!!

Squidoo was my daybook for those 2 years.  The main reason why I have not joined Hub Pages is because they have the same restrictive TOS that Squidoo had.

Instead I now have my own website - which I call The Scanners Universe - on which I have posted a number of pages on various different topics that I enjoy learning about. Now I use this website as my daybook!!

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