Saturday, December 19, 2015

Scanners seldom have a career

I don't think scanners can have a career. A career usually implies you have worked your way into top management within ONE specific business sector and become an expert or a specialist in that area.

As I have stated previously, scanners dont do expert. They do general.

And while a varied work history with lots of variety and experience was acceptable back in the days before the second world war, it is NO LONGER acceptable now.

If like most scanners, you have a spotty resume with a fair amount of job hopping, just like MY resume, think back over your previous jobs and see if there is a common theme.

Most of my jobs for example were administrative jobs. I love doing admin work EXCEPT for accounting.

If you can find a common theme in all your jobs, (such as writing, being outdoors, and so on) then maybe you can find a "good enough" job that uses those skills and that common theme, just to survive, feed youirself and your family, and pay the bills. Your free time can be spent on your scanner creativitiy.

As to education and qualifications, again you will have to think back to your childhood and ask yourself which activity did you most love doing as a child. 

When I was a child, I loved writing. I can remember sitting on the floor with paper and pencil writing away, and when I was unable to say what I wanted, ripping the paper out of the pad, and crumbling it up. I would end up with LOTS of crumpled paper beside me and still NO story.

It is only now, more than 30 years after leaving High school, that I have finally realized why I have trouble writing stories.

I cannot write fiction. I prefer to write to teach or write the NON fiction stuff. And while I can read SOME fiction - usually historical fiction - I actually prefer reading NON fiction.

So as of todays date, I am going to start a new writing career.

Now about post secondary education, I actually wanted to do a History degree. But I allowed myself to be persuaded by my parents do something more "practical."  That was a HUGE mistake.

 Always trust your instinct and do NOT second guess yourself. First thoughts are almost never wrong.

There is nothing wrong with scanners going to university and getting a degree or some other qualification. Some scanners can use their skills and hold down a job. While others just ignore the degree and move on to doing something else. This is perfectly typically normal scanner behaviour. Goodness knows I have done this myself lots of times. 

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