Monday, December 21, 2015

Personal Goal posts are different for Scanners

Just so you know, the Goal post for a Scanner is frequently different from that of a Normal person.

For example if a normal child learns to play the piano, and read music, and continues to play the piano through High School, they may end up becoming the next Richard Clayderman.

The scanner child learns to play the piano, learns to read music and then drops the piano after passing their Grade 1 or 2 exams, saying they are bored and want to try something new.

The scanner child usually only started learning the piano in order to learn the basics and/or to read music. They never had any intention of taking their piano playing to any expert level. They certainly had no plans to play in any recitals or for any music group. 

So the scanner child spends one year playing piano, another year playing the violin or the guitar, a third year playing trumpet or saxophone or some other wind instrument. So that by the time they ask to learn to play the drums the parents are adamant about saying NO.

Parents cannot understand why their child cannot commit to any one instrument nor do they understand why their child does not continue with that instrument to an expert level.

Staying with one instrument  in order to reach an expert level is the sign of a specialist.  In the business world this can be equated to a Niche.

Scanners are NOT specialists. They prefer to know a little about a lot of things. They live to learn and they LOVE to learn.

Scanners want to be the Jack or Jill of all trades and Master of NONE.  Again in the Business world, this is usually the sign of a Generalist.

Below is the link to an episode of the Paulymath show (a play on Polymath) about the Goal Posts for scanners.

How to Become a Good Finisher

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