Sunday, December 27, 2015

You can be anything you want to be

Did you grow up with your parents telling you that you could be anything you wanted to be?

I didn't. My parents told me that history was a bad choice for a degree since I clearly did not want to be a teacher. They told me that I should become an accountant instead. That was a very bad choice for me. I failed all my first year exams, got kicked out of the University on academic probation and never bothered to go back.

Some children may think that when they grow up they can be a Unicorn or a Princess Those are highly unlikely to happen - although there have been two young ladies in recent years who were both lucky enough to marry a prince.

For scanners to be told that they can be anything they want to be, this is a problem. You see, they want to be everything. Well they want to do many things, especially those things that includes their passions and hobbies.

As I have mentioned before, Scanners do NOT like being pinned down to one career or one job for their entire working lives. Not for the next 40 to 50 years. That would be so incredibly boring.

On the other hand, if scanners don't get any real help in carving out a career of some kind for themselves, then they will end up like me. Unemployed, pretty much unskilled and pretty much useless.

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, scanners need to find at least one common theme (if they are lucky they might be able to find 2 or 3) covering all or most of the areas that interest them, get some training in that area and then, learn as much as they can about jobs in that area.

For example, my common theme is Administration. I love doing researching and writing and organising.

If I had thought to ask the librarians, back when I was in High school, what they needed in order to become a librarian, they would have told me that a history degree was more than acceptable and then after that, I could do an MLS, a Masters of Library Science. These days the masters degree is often called something like Library and Information Science (MLIS) or Information Science (MIS).

Some career experts are saying that now that there internet is here, we don't need librarians anymore.

But I found a list of 61 NON Librarian jobs that someone with an MLIS could do. I truly regret not sticking to my plans to do a history degree. 

Anyway. Now I have to find a list of interesting jobs for someone with a General Administrative diploma.

Administration Degrees are usually designed to have several areas of specialisation, where a person can specialise in, There is that word again, The one that Scanners detest!!! Areas such as Human Resources, Legal Assistant, Database Administration, Records Management, Accounting, Marketing and Sales. None of those areas include writing, publishing and web page design. These are what I have now discovered that I love doing - and it's taken me half my life so far, just to figure this out. 

Other areas with a common theme for your passions and hobbies may include fixing cars, (mechanics) which can become fixing anything that runs on wheels and has an engine (cars, trucks, trains and planes). 

Then there is the outdoors, which can include being a park ranger, a outdoors tour guide, joining outdoor groups such as Outward Bound or Raleigh International, Sky diving teacher, working on farms, orchards or vineyards,  snowboarding or ski instructor,  cruise ship jobs, zoo or wildlife rehabilitator (if you also like working with animals), nature and outdoors photographer and helping with reforestation.

Those are just some ideas to get you started.

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